Property Management

We manage your property very well as we are involved in the Dubai real estate business earlier than even the development of this division. Twenty years ago, we learned about this and had continued to grow with the industry. To date, our professional, committed and expert staff delivers you the most satisfactory service in terms of approach and capability.

Enjoy the owner’s peace of mind as all apprehension is handled by our experienced team, including documentation, timely collection and deposit of rent, property maintenance and repairs, and other relevant requirements. Dubai Euro Real estate will set you free from this hassle.

Managing Dubai real estate while believing it our own

Being the owner, you prefer to invest a tremendous amount of money in your property. We acknowledge the value of your investments and your assets in the overall mosaic of your business. This realization allows us to take great care of every aspect of your property and add even more value to it.

Head leasing

Through the head leasing service of Dubai Euro Real Estate, we are committed to ensuring you become a full-time owner. Enjoy full benefits of leasing and comprehensive property management services. We have significant experience in dealing with tenants, handling complaints, and resolving maintenance issues. 

Propety Management - Dubai Euro Real Estate

Maximize your return on investment with the following services. Dubai Euro Real Estate has a dedicated real estate manager responsible for managing your real estate and reporting to your portfolio manager. Our Dubai real estate managers have extensive management experience and excellent management and communication skills.

Legal Assistance

Our well-chosen legal experts will assist you in any work, whether it’s related to the city, DEWA, civil Defense, rental committees, police or Etisalat, to ensure that all Dubai real estate owners are highly protected.

Real Estate Inspection & Facility Management

Quality Assurance administrators audit quarterly and systematic management checks to ensure that all property features are top-quality. This maintenance is guaranteed to be done by a professional. We will actively carry out quality control and work pattern that minimizes residents’ discomfort for repair work. Property managers perform very detailed internal and external inspections, detailed enough to highlight maintenance issues that require urgent attention.

Financial Management & Reporting

Complete accounting, financial transactions, payments and receipts, verification of cash, management funds, direct payments, and disbursements, direct banking, planning of fees, and any delinquency, are organized by us as we consider it the obligation of our service. All reports are submitted regularly for all aspects of Dubai real estate leasing, management and accounting, per the requested format.

Marketing and banking service - Dubai Euro Real Estate
Lease Management & Rent Collections

All lease records are maintained and updated regularly by the real estate manager, along with details of the start and end date of the lease. Renewal notifications are scheduled by a dedicated software management system and are notified to clients systematically. The property manager could only be contacted, and he conveys all inquiries to the landlord for consent. These inquiries are accompanied by information about the tenant and the company’s observations/recommendations that allow the landlord to make faster decisions.


Our brand value is excellent and has been superior, thanks to our extensive marketing activities. This includes Social media, property listings on websites, SMS and Email marketing, paid ads on Google, promotions etc.

Banking Services

Our Dubai real estate manager collects all rental cheques and credited them to the real estate owner’s account. A complete account of all deposited cheques is maintained. If any cheques is returned, it will be taken up instantly with the related tenant, and the proper legal action will be taken if found necessary.

Property Management Services

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